Fenwal Ignition Control Wiring Diagram

Fenwal Ignition Control Wiring Diagram - will replace these ignition controls this number will be found on the ignition control e0157800 e0201300 e0180400 e0130700 this includes a fenwal ignition control 35 662904 113 new wires a new wiring diagram label for the heater and detailed instructions the series 35 60 is a 24 vac microprocessor based direct spark ignition control designed for use in all types of heating applications the control utilizes a microprocessor to continually and safely analyze and control the proper operation of the gas burner fenwal 35 40 munications the fenwal controls 35 40 gas ignition control offers two optional modes of transmitting data in addition to the led and alarm out a universal asynchronous receiver transmitter uart or a digital output signal adding these capabilities improves end user notification and device functionality and serviceability fenwal controls whether you re looking a new fenwal igniter.
or the latest fenwal ignition control board we have the fenwal ignition module solutions you need to repair your gas fired heating appliance just as important we can also provide expertise and support for your repair ignition modules circuit boards control boards ignition control modules are some of the most important parts involved in the manufacturing of any effective furnace the ignition module controls the ignition coil or the firing time of that coil to ensure the ongoing efficiency of any heating product

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